Sunday, 9 May 2021

My Version 2.0 in 2025 - Abid Momin

Abid Momin - A successful affiliate marketer and business consultant who has helped 100's of businesses to grow and helped 1000's of students to became affiliate marketer pro making 10M revenue per year, he is not only embracing success in his professional life but also in his personal life through his relationship with his family and friends.

All this started with the learning enthusiast, Abid has started his career in 2012 in SEO and this is where his journey started in digital marketing world, he has done BE in electronics and has chosen Digital marketing for his career as he got very much interested in his first job work and he started learning other aspects of the digital marketing like, web analytics, PPC, social media marketing, website optimisation, user journey behaviour, and the list goes so on. 

After 8 years of hard work in various companies he became SEO and PPC expert where he has generated 10x revenues for the companies he has worked for. and always aspiring to setup his side hustle as a affiliate marketer and as a consultant which is the journey he actually started in the year 2021 after joining a DDIP internship program and now by 2025 he is living his dream and inspiring others follow his success path.

Abid likes to do his work remotely from various amazing places around the worlds. some of his favourite places are Dubai and Goa.


Apart from this in next 3 years by 2028 he want to start his own marketing agency for education, healthcare and logistic companies as he has been working for these verticals for many years and has created the campaign which own the best campaign if the year in 2023. 

We asked Abid what is success mantra is said "learn at least one hour daily and apply it in real action in your life" also he quoted until he adopted this mantra he has procrastinated all his goals.

And his lifelong goal is to educate people around him with the skill he has and make them get success in their life. which he believes as this is his small contribution to make this world a better place by helping making the peoples life better.

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Get Instant Paytm Money Upto Rs.100 by Suggesting Blog Topics - Digital Marketer Guide

As they say "Time is Money" so i thought let me add some value to your time which you are going to spend thinking about blog topics.

"Get Instant Paytm Money Upto Rs.100 by Suggesting Topics to Blog - Digital Marketer Guide"

if you came across this blog kindly spend some time and write in comments your favorite online marketing topics about which you want to learn more.

And i will pick the best topics among them related to my expertise domain and try to create a valuable content around it.

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Monday, 1 July 2019

How to upload bulk custom label in dynamic ad targets using Google Adwords Editor

I am writing these steps to help digital marketers who is working on PPC campaigns and struggling to find the way for bulk upload of custom label in Dynamic Ad Campaign Auto targets option using Adwords Editor (In 2017 new adwords layout - Dynamic Ads target)

New Google Adword 2017

Step 1: Create Feed & Dynamic Campaign in Adwords
Step 2: Install Adwords Editor and export all campaign from your account
Step 3: Create your bulk ad groups in excel and upload(Make multiple changes) in editor (Attribute: Campaign Name, Ad Group)
Step 4: Create dynamic ads in excel sheet and upload in editor by selecting Expanded dynamic search ad (Attributes: Campaign Name, Ad group, Ad Description)
Step 5: In Editor select all ad groups and go to Dynamic Ad targets in Keyword & Targeting option
 and set value 1 to CUSTOM_LABEL="custom label you used in your feed to trigger particular LP for selected adgroup ad"

Adwords Editor - Dynamic Ads Custom label

Comment "Yes" if this is helpful to you. And write if you have any questions on Adwords Editor tool.